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Drapes, who dosent remember Scarlet Ohara ripping down the drapes from Tara decrying “As God as my witness, I will never be poor again” The most timeless of all window treatments the drape has come a long way since Scarlet’s day. No longer do they have to be the heavy old world velvet, although this is still a great look and we install plenty of them. Fabrics now vary widely in weight and translucence. Silks and satins are among the newer styles that can give your room a modern contemporary feel. Combining the sheen and the matte gives a room an elegant intriguing look.

Cotton also is popular as it can let in a nice amount of natural light and still provide privacy for those inside. Recently manufacturers have started using synthetic materials such as polyester and rayon to create a silk-like look that has a better wear factor at a reduced cost. There are so many fabric options when it comes to drapes we always try to consider the look and the feel of the room when making our selection.

Having installed hundreds of drapes made from a multitude of fabrics, Blind brothers can help guide you through the maze of choices. All our drape installations are guaranteed workmanship and fabric quality. We have hung drapes from Cheyenne to Denver. Our base of operations is in Fort Collins and Loveland, but we will travel to you to advise measure and hang your window treatment at no additional cost to you. Give us a call or drop us an email today.

Hunter Douglas